Sunday, February 13, 2011


Buss \BUS\ , noun;
1. A kiss; a playful kiss; a smack
transitive verb;
1. To kiss; especially to kiss with a smack

They did this word a day early! Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, silly dictionary website...

This word dates to the 1560's with the meaning "a kiss". It is probably of imitative (or onomatopoeic) origin since it is specifically attached to those noisy kisses that make a smacking sound. Similar words exist in Welsh and Gaelic, where bus means "kiss, lip". In Spanish the word is buz and in dialectal German it is buss. French baiser dates to the 12th century and is derived from Latin basiare.

Now go give your sweetie a buss...and don't forget the flowers and chocolate tomorrow!

Today's word and the first definition were both taken from's 'Word of the Day' for Sunday, February 13
Etymologies come from the Oxford English Dictionary and/or

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