Monday, May 16, 2011


Missionary \MISH-uh-ner-ee\ , noun;
1. A person sent by a church into an area to carry on evangelism or other activities, as educational or hospital work
2. A person strongly in favor of a program, set of principles, etc., who attempts to persuade or convert others
3. A person who is sent on a mission
1. Pertaining to or connected with religious missions
2. Engaged in such a mission, or devoted to work connected with missions
3. Reflecting or prompted by the desire to persuade or convert others

Missionary dates to the 1650's and comes from mission. Mission dates to the 1590's and originally referred to Jesuits who were sent abroad. It was taken from Latin missionem ("act of sending") from mittere ("to send"), which may have ultimately derived from *smittere.

Now for the real reason behind today's post: Missionary position by Inky Fool

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