Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Poop \poop\ , noun;
1. Excrement
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Every parent who chooses to cloth diaper does it for a reason. Some do it to save money, some do it to save the planet, and some do it because cloth diapers are just so darned cute. Most probably do it for a combination of the three. One thing we do not choose cloth for is the poop. Oh, the poop. Cleaning new-to-solids baby waste out of a cloth diaper is no one's favorite activity, but those other reasons are so compelling that we do it anyway. So, for day two of our cloth diapering challenge, I present poop:

There are several poops in English, but the one we are concerned with here is first attested in 1689 as nursery slang for "to fart," which evolved to mean "to defecate" by 1882. The slang term derives from poop meaning "to produce a short blast of sound, as with a horn," which is first attested by Chaucer in 1390. The word is considered imitative, much like Middle Low German pupen ("to break wind) and Dutch poepen ("to defecate" or "to copulate").

Nautical poop is unrelated.

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