Thursday, September 30, 2010


Lucifugous \loo-see-FOO-guhs\ , adjective;
1. Avoiding light

Interesting word of the day, especially since I spent the evening watching lucifugous vampires doing naughty thing on True Blood. This word conjures up a feeling of evil since the luci- beginning is reminiscent of lucifer

According to the Oxford English Dictionary:
It comes from the Latin word lucifug-us, which is formed by lux + fug-ere. Lux forms luc(i)- in combination and literal "light" + "fly" means "shunning the light"

Looking around I realize that this word is mainly a natural history term, but it's occasionally used in poetic-sounding writing. It is the name of a book I haven't read, so I can't vouch for it being good or not. I don't think my initial inclination about this being an evil-sounding word has any merit, but it does sound kind of cool so I'll have to keep it in mind if I ever write a vampire or other creature-of-the-night story.

*Today's word and the first definition were both taken from's 'Word of the Day' for Thursday, September 30

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