Friday, October 1, 2010


Satori \suh-TOHR-ee\ , noun;
1. In Zen Buddhism, the state of sudden indescribably intuitive enlightenment.

According to
This Japanese word dates back to at least 1727 and literally means "spiritual awakening"

The Oxford English Dictionary didn't have anything to add so I consulted Wikipedia, which says satori (悟り) is usually considered the first step on a Buddhist's road to nirvana. I don't know much about Buddhism, but I kind of like the idea of an inspired 'flash' that sets you down the road to total peace. There are stories like that in the Christian and Hebrew bibles, and I would assume that this is a basic tenet of religion. After all, if you haven't found God (or whatever/whoever your guiding light may be), sometimes you need a kick in the pants to start down a spiritual path.

*Today's word and the first definition were both taken from's 'Word of the Day' for Friday, October 1

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