Sunday, July 1, 2012


Oology \oh-OL-uh-jee\ , noun;
1. The branch of ornithology that studies birds' eggs

So, the only reason I'm writing about this word is because it reminds me of that line in Zoolander where he talks about how good of a eugoogoolizer he is, you know a person who speaks at funerals.

Oology is first attested in 1831. Oo- means "of or related to eggs or ova" and comes from Greek won ("egg, ovum"). The Greek word, like English egg, ultimately derives from Proto-Indo-European *owyo/*oyyo- ("egg").

Eulogy dates to the mid-15th century from Latin eulogium, which was borrowed form Greek eulogia ("praise; good or fine language"). Eulogia is a combination of eu + -logia ("well" + "speaking").

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