Friday, July 13, 2012


Streetology \street-OL-uh-jee\ , noun;
1. The science or knowledge of the streets of a town or city
2. The skills and knowledge necessary for dealing with modern urban life

So, this sounds like something you study at the school of hard knocks, no?

Today this word is more a synonym or street smarts than the knowledge required to be a good taxi driver, but it can technically mean both things. It was first attested in 1837 as the title of a book about London. It is, of course, based on street which derives from Old English stret and stræt ("street, high road"), both of which come from an early Western Germanic borrowing of Late Latin strata. Strata is the feminine past participle of sternere ("lay down, spread out, pave") and was used in the phrase via strata ("paved road"). Sternere derives from Proto-Indo-European *stre-to- ("to stretch, extend") from *stere- ("to spread, extend, stretch out"), which is also the forebear of structure. From the very beginning, street has been distinctive from road or way as a paved or 'made' path, as opposed to just a way people go.

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