Sunday, October 9, 2011


Camera \KAM-er-uh\ or \KAM-ruh\ , noun;
1. A boxlike device for holding a film or plate sensitive to light, having an aperture controlled by a shutter that, when opened, admits light enabling an object to be focused, usually by means of a lens, on the film or plate, thereby producing a photographic image
2. The device in which the picture to be televised is formed before it is changed into electric impulses
3. A judge's private office
Camera originally entered the English language as "the papal treasury" in the mid-16th century from Latin camera ("vaulted room"), which derives from Proto-Indo-Europen *kam- ("to arch"). Thus, the meaning "vaulted building" which arose in the early 1700's. In the early 18the century, camera was used as a short form for camera obscura ("dark chamber"), which was a black box with a lens that could project images of external objects. This usage became the word for "picture-taking device" when modern photography began in the mid-1800's and extended to the television filming device in 1928.

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