Saturday, October 8, 2011


Plush \pluhsh\ , noun;
1. A fabric, as of silk, cotton, or wool, whose pile is more than  1/8 inches (.3 cm) high
1. Expensively or showily luxurious
2. Abundantly rich; lush; luxuriant

The self-designated last name of this goofster:
Nyjer Morgan, aka Tony Plush (source)
It's October, so that means baseball is on every night in this house. As a Cubs fan, I obviously have to jump on some other bandwagon in the post season, so it's convenient that my husband just so happens to be a Brewers fan and they have been doing well so far. This guy, Nyjer Morgan, is hilarious. Yeah, he's a little silly and his antics can be a bit distracting, which is why baseball purists like to bitch about him. But, you can't deny that he's entertaining. So, even if you aren't much of a baseball fan, I recommend looking him up on YouTube.

Anyway, back to the word at hand: plush. It's first attested in 1594 as "soft fabric" from Middle French pluche ("shag, plush"). Pluche is a contraction of peluche ("hairy fabric"), which derives from Old French peluchier ("to pull, to tug, to pluck" - as in, the final process in weaving plush). All this ultimately comes from Vulgar Latin *piluccare ("remove hair"), which evolved from Latin pilare ("pull out hair") based on pilus ("hair").
The adjectival definition meaning "swank" dates to 1927.

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