Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Ale \eyl\ , noun;
1. A malt beverage, darker, heavier and more bitter than beer, containing about 6% alcohol by volume
2. British: Beer

So, after talking about beer, it's only natural to move on to ale.
Ale comes from Old English ealu ("ale, beer") from Proto-Germanic *aluth-, which came from one of two Proto-Indo-European roots. Either a word for "bitter" that became Latin alumen ("alum") or *alu-t ("ale"), which came from *alu-, a word that carried a sense of sorcery, magic, possession, and intoxication. The above distinction between ale and beer arose after hops began being grown in England in the early 15th century. Prior to that the two words were synonyms.

A perhaps surprising word to derive from ale: bridal.
Bridal came from Old English brydealo ("marriage feast"), a compounding of bryd ealu which is literally "bride ale."

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