Friday, December 16, 2011


Humblebrag \HUHM-buhl-BRAG\ , noun;
1. Bragging that masks the brag in a faux-humble guise

December is that time of year where everyone compiles "___ of the year" lists. Word people are no different.
Ben Zimmer, of former NYTimes 'On Language,' went on NPR this morning to talk about some words that are possible American Dialect Society words of the year for 2011. One of his personal favorites is humblebrag, a brand new word that was coined this year. It was born from Twitter, and is often used to poke fun of celebrities, who are some of the worst humblebraggers out there.

Some examples of #humblebrag:
"Having the #1 video on YouTube is more hassle (i.e. dumbass comments & 1,500 emails in 24 hours) than it's worth (which is nothing)"
"For the 3rd time in 3 yrs I've been asked to speak at Harvard, but I've yet to speak at my alma mater, What's a girl gotta do @MarquetteU ?"
"No makeup on, hair's not done, toothpaste stains down the front of my shirt, pretty sure I'm not wearing deodorant. Still get hit on. *sigh*"

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  1. "Almost 7500 hits on my Lexemes website but my dad says he goes there two or three times a day to pad the counter number" - Mrs. B.